Leave No Trace taking a Wild Campervan Holiday – Go Eco!

Although Leisuredrive supply many customers across the UK with the highest quality campervans we also support the leave no trace principles when it comes to a wild campervan holiday and campsite with less ammenities. Leave No Trace is an American organisation which aims to protect the natural world from careless travellers. Their intention is to stop pollution, protect animals and prevent overcrowding in natural landscapes.

However we thought it great advice and thought we would share their 7 principles to anyone setting off on a wild campervan holiday. Then you will be able to minimise your environmental impact without it changing your experience. Originally this started off as a campaign for the rural countryside, but this can be applied to plenty of places. From local parks and public footpaths to even your own back garden!

Leisuredrive understand how unsustainable the campervan industry can be, which is why we keep it as sustainable as possible. Hence our dedicated work to refurbishing and converting old vans into luxury campervans to reduce waste.

How to be eco friendly on a wild campervan trip

Leave no trace may sound simple, but what does it actually mean? In short, after you’ve spent a night wild camping, no one should be able to tell that you were there.

There are 7 founding principles of Leave No Trace, designed to provide a framework of good eco practice for anyone visiting the outdoors. The original principles are Plan Ahead & Prepare, Travel & Camp on Durable Surfaces, Dispose of Waste Properly, Leave What You Find, Minimise Campfire Impacts, Respect Wildlife and Be Considerate of Other Visitors.

When it comes to wild camping, that basically translates as the following:


Plan Ahead and Prepare:

By planning ahead you will generally avoid a lot of inconvenience across the journey. From the standard knowing where to go to terrain and landscape of the area. This can save you getting lost and also wear the most appropriate clothing for the job.


Durable Surfaces:

This is such a simple aim, but sticking to durable flat surfaces will prevent any damage to the landscape. Public Footpaths are always are durable and flat as possible, but the same applies for off track. This certainly applies campervans and for tents, even adding to your convenience as well as the natural area.


Disposing of Waste:

One of Leave No Trace’s priority requests is to dispose of waste so it doesn’t ruin wildlife settings. Human Waste destroys woodlands, ruins bodies of water and may even affect local animals. Thankfully more and more public nature settings have a lot more bins and recycling facilities. so there’s no excuse of getting caught short if you lnow the impact and you plan ahead.


Minimise Site Alterations:

As already mentioned, travellers should never look to change a natural setting in any way. This can even apply to leaving any rocks or natural objects you pick up during your travels. Dismantling these settings will mean that other people can’t experience them in the same way as you.


The Worry with Campfires:

It goes without saying that campfires can be dangerous, especially if you are starting it from scratch. It is advised that you tend to avoid populated areas, areas with high elevation and to use an area with a lot of wood. This is because you don’t want to be ruining the most used areas or drastically impacting the amount of resources.


Respect Wildlife and Plants:

Wildlife and Plants should be observed from a distance as opposed to being disrupted. This means no loud approaches, no feeding and no picking up the animals within the area. Also if you find any sick or dead animals then you should certainly notify a land manager if possible.


Be Considerate to Others:

It isn’t just the animals who need to be respected it is also the other visitors enjoying the setting too. This is in reference to excessive noise, uncontrolled pets and damaging public footpaths. A more important one is for bikers, allowing pedestrians to get past and warning them before shooting past.


Leisuredrive Campervans: Leave No Trace

As established these guidelines aim to make wild camping and hiking the best experience for everyone involved. So if you are in need of a new campervan, we definitely recommend contacting the Leisuredrive team.

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