Looking for small camper vans for sale

Over the pandemic, the popularity of our small camper vans for sale has rocketed, and it’s not so hard to see why. When international travel was plagued with uncertainty, a holiday in the UK seems like a promising idea with no pre-departure Covid tests, and no risk of travel restrictions. Plus, the freedom to see all the wonderful sites the UK has to offer! #staycation.

Not only that, but the ever-growing ‘van life’ has gained popularity amongst the young, outdoor enthusiasts looking for a home base when adventuring. The appeal of campervans is simply an alternative life adopted by many adventure enthusiasts looking to travel the world with freedom, and ease, whilst living a basic lifestyle.

Furthermore, many considering a campervan to travel to foreign countries again, as the thought of getting on a plane with lots of people in close proximity is less appealing than what it used to be.

Interested in Buying a Small Camper Van?

Here at Leisuredrive we are the UK’s longest-standing independent company with a wide selection of new and old campervans on our forecourt daily. Come and have a look at our campervans, you might find that small camper van for sale you’ve always wanted. To give you that freedom of being able to go on holiday almost anywhere at any time.

Small Camper Vans for sale!

With staycation becoming the norm, campervans are now the new coolest thing, with every adventurer. If you’ve always wanted to buy a campervan, then a small camper van is a fantastic way to get started, especially for its convenience, price, and versatility.

Due to this, small camper vans are compact enough to take you anywhere you like, from narrow mountain passes to busy, congested streets, easier to park and they are cheaper to run than the larger campervan options.

Small Camper Vans For Sale

So, if you are looking for a camper van for sale, then the small camper vans like the Volkswagen T-6 based Caledonia, or the Renault Trafic-based Manhattan and Paradise ranges are so versatile.

The short wheel-base versions will comfortably sleep four, while the long wheel-base versions can sleep five. All campervans come with a porta-potty style toilet. Except for the Paradise deluxe, which comes with a flushing cassette toilet.

Best Small Camper Van

Or the Ford Transit Campervan is more appealing to you? As it’s one of the most reliable vehicles out there, it has everything you’ll need for a convenient trip, with the benefits of a toilet. Which is built into the back of the van, so it doesn’t take up too much of your living space even though the camper van is small.

Small Camper Van Interior Ideas

However, if you are looking for a small campervan, you must be prepared for the fact that inside there isn’t going to be a lot of space and there might be times you need that extra room in the back of the van. So, choosing a campervan with removable fittings can allow you to do this.

There are so many factors to consider when you buy a campervan. Whether it’s your first time or an experienced camper, there is always more to learn.

Let us here at Leisuredrive help you to find that perfect campervan you’ve always wanted to make that dream a reality!

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