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Electric Campervans are Here?

We have now entered a new generation of motoring. In reality, the future for diesel engines in motorhomes and most other vehicles will be coming to an end. However, not in the next couple of years but most likely within a decade. So, are Electric Campervans Here? The answer is yes! There are currently Renault, Fiat, VW, Nissan, and Mercedes electric campers available.

Although, many people are looking for an electric edition of the nostalgic campervans they grew up seeing. Sadly though, there aren’t really any viable plug-in Volkswagen camper conversions currently on the road yet. The electric camper conversion is also set to come with a heavy price tag, which could well exceed the £100,000 mark.

No Plans for Electric Campervans

Here at Leisuredrive we’ve had a few inquiries regarding the electric conversions. Our honest opinion about electric campers is, it’s a non-starter at the moment and we have no plans to make one. The reason for this is due to the base vans have a very limited range so totally impractical to build as a campervan. Also, limited range compared to fossil fuel vans, more practical for short journeys, and the infrastructure is improving but not as widespread.

This poses an issue if you’re driving a fully loaded motorhome or campervan around the country or abroad. Even once you reach your destination, few campsites will have the infrastructure needed for rapid full recharge. Your trips might have to be a little slower and better planned out, for now at least. Furthermore, considering traditional motorhomes and campervans can be expensive, adding electric batteries will add thousands of pounds to sale prices.

Concerns over Range 

Most Camper vans have a range of 150-250 miles. However, problems arise if there are no well-placed charging points on your route, or if you live in an area where population density is low. You need to allow for the recharging time. Motorway rapid-charging for 30 minutes typically adds around 100 miles to the range.

Concerns over the Electric Campervans Deadline

Don’t let the electric vehicle deadline of 2030 put you off buying a petrol or diesel motor though – the infrastructure will still be around to support the running of these vehicles for long after this deadline. Not to mention that, with less than 50,000 charging stations in the UK, eight years seems a little optimistic.

Find your next Campervan with Leisuredrive

For over 50 years Leisuredrive has been producing campervans that are stunning to look at. As well as offering absolute practicality, utilise our unique designs and technologies to guarantee to compete for comfort. Along with thousands of customers, many return, as we know what makes a great campervan. Our highly skilled, professionally certified staff are not only the best at what they do but are also extremely proud to be able to give you an investment of happy memories that will last a lifetime.

To find out more call us or visit our showroom to see what we have to offer. You won’t be disappointed!

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