Convert your Van: Which Vans do we convert?

Are you struggling to find reliable campervan conversion companies? For new customers it can be extremely difficult to find a company to trust, especially with the prospect of overspending. Luckily for you, there is an established camper van conversion company who can carefully Convert your Van.

Leisuredrive proudly offer campervan conversion services across the UK, with many different vehicles available for converting. We have been doing this continually down the years, turning them into a homely setting on wheels. Working with many different brands too, so please do have a browse of available vehicles.

This page will detail how exactly we can readapt your vehicles into personalised campervan solutions. Each having subtle differences and nuances, but each making for an excellent camper!


What is the Renault Renoir like to convert?

Renault vehicles are a very popular choice to make for a very well organised motorhome. The Renault Renoir Leisuredrive Campervan conversion boasts a walk through layout which the essentials. These come in either a bench layout or two forward facing seats, depending on your preference.

This is mainly due to the lay flat seats, which can actually be made into a lay flat bed system too. Optional options are also very interesting, including Televisions, Bike Racks and different Heater systems. Complete with cooking and washing areas towards the back of the vehicle behind the beds.

Every Campervan needs a high quality kitchen set up, so you can make some delicious dishes during your stay. The Kitchen is straightforward, coming with a double hob burner cooker, integrated electrical pump sink and a 3 system fridge.


What is the Ford Transit like to convert?

The Leisuredrive Ford Transit Van is a classic campervan in style, comfort and its overall convenience. Just as easy to get up and drive, as it is to relax in after a long day on the road!

Boasting a fitted kitchen towards the rear side of the vehicle, we also provide a range of different finishes. To be more specific, this kitchen comes with a grill oven, a sink system and a fridge freezer. In addition to, a pull out dining table, surrounding you with convenient storage space too.

Other additions include a small bathroom with a working toilet, perhaps a shower depending on the vehicle. Of course there are plug sockets across the camper, just in case you need them during your journey. Completed with either two single beds or a double bed, definitely making for ideal sleeping arrangements!


What is the VW T6.1 Zest Campervan like?

The T6.1 Zest Campervan has an exceptional design, with a much more modern design compared to other campers. With vinyl wood finishes and being fully fitted with big brand appliances across the kitchen setting. Of course there is a toilet area too, using a modern Thetford cassette toilet purely for quality.

However, it isn’t only luxury in appearance but also in overall functionality of the motorhome. Specifically, the fuel efficiency is absolutely incredible on these vehicles ideal for long distance journeys. To add to this, the vehicle is a twin battery system with the full 240v mains.

The blackout curtains and wool insulation will certainly bring you further comfort and privacy. In addition to there being extra storage spaces without making your campervan feel cramped up.


What is the Volkswagen Like?

There are many Volkswagen Vans available for different conversion services here at Leisuredrive. Volkswagen above all brands is able to best combine driving experience with relaxing experience. With Leisuredrive are able to add to this, with our handmade installations like the kitchen and seating areas.

In fact, these are brilliant either way, whether you want to properly camp or if you would prefer glamping. This is because there is a lot of storage for your camping equipment, but also having everyday necessities too. For example you have beds in the camper and plugs sockets, yet don’t necessary need to be used.

In short, you can camp your way with Leisuredrive Camper Van Conversion Company!


Convert your Van with Leisuredrive

Leisuredrive are not just another one of the local campervan conversion companies. Instead we have an excellent track record selling and redesigning motorhomes catered towards specifications. So we certainly welcome you to your Leisuredrive Bolton Showroom.

Before anything else, Leisuredrive insist that you get in touch with our campervan design team to convert your van. This way you can quickly inform us of your enquiry and will allow us to provide your contact information. To get in touch with our team, all you need to do is click here.

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