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British Standards for You and Your Family
Campervan adventures are a fantastic way to explore the great outdoors, create lasting memories, and enjoy the freedom of the open road. However, as exciting as it may be, safety and security should be paramount when travelling with your loved ones in a campervan. This blog post will explore British Standards for You and Your Family and essential safety and security measures that comply with British standards to ensure your campervan journeys are enjoyable and secure. From campervan safety equipment to anti-theft devices, we’ve got you covered.   Campervan Safety Tips


Before delving into the specific safety and security features, let’s begin with some valuable campervan safety tips: Regular Maintenance and Inspections Ensure your campervan undergoes regular maintenance and inspections to keep it in top-notch condition. Therefore, this includes checking the engine, tires, brakes, and all other critical components. Also, regular inspections can prevent breakdowns and accidents on the road.   Vehicle Tracking Systems [...]
Leave No Trace taking a Wild Campervan Holiday Go Eco

Although Leisuredrive supply many customers across the UK with the highest quality campervans we also support the leave no trace principles when it comes to a wild campervan holiday and campsite with less ammenities. Leave No Trace is an American organisation which aims to protect the natural world from careless travellers. Their intention is to stop pollution, protect animals and prevent overcrowding in natural landscapes.

However we thought it great advice and thought we would share their 7 principles to anyone setting off on a wild campervan holiday. Then you will be able to minimise your environmental impact without it changing your experience. Originally this started off as a campaign for the rural countryside, but this can be applied to plenty of places. From local parks and public footpaths to even your own back garden!

Leisuredrive understand how unsustainable the campervan industry can be, which is why we keep it as sustainable as possible. Hence [...]

Buying a Campervan in UK - Some frequently asked questions!

Leisuredrive are always supplying customers with new campervans, up and down the UK.  More often than not we receive a question which we have had to answer before and some crop up with every purchase. So, if your thinking about Buying a Campervan in UK? We have put together this blog of frequently asked questions so our customers know exactly what they are getting into.

Whilst yes each campervan and buyer will be different and have unique specifications, we have condensed down the frequent questions. Not to mention our exceptional aftersales department who can continue to help you with your camper. In short, this page is a brief summary of many customers burning inquiries.

If there are any further inquiries or questions needing answering, just contact the Leisuredrive team. The two ways of doing so are either popping into our Bolton base or fill in the contact form. To tell us your enquiry and to [...]

electric campervan

We have now entered a new generation of motoring. In reality, the future for diesel engines in motorhomes and most other vehicles will be coming to an end. However, not in the next couple of years but most likely within a decade. So, are Electric Campervans Here? The answer is yes! There are currently Renault, Fiat, VW, Nissan, and Mercedes electric campers available.

Although, many people are looking for an electric edition of the nostalgic campervans they grew up seeing. Sadly though, there aren’t really any viable plug-in Volkswagen camper conversions currently on the road yet. The electric camper conversion is also set to come with a heavy price tag, which could well exceed the £100,000 mark.

No Plans for Electric Campervans

Here at Leisuredrive we’ve had a few inquiries regarding the electric conversions. Our honest opinion about electric campers is, it’s a non-starter at the moment and we have no plans to make one. [...]

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