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Campervan After-Sale Services and Assistance: A Guide to Enhancing Your Campervan Experience

Congratulations on your brand-new campervan conversion! Whether you’re a seasoned traveller or embarking on your first adventure, owning a campervan opens a world of possibilities for exploration and leisure. However, beyond the initial purchase, there are essential considerations to ensure your journey is smooth sailing. In this guide, we’ll delve into the importance of after-sale services and assistance. Along with what to think about once you’ve acquired your dream campervan.


The Significance of After-Sale Services


Investing in a campervan isn’t just about acquiring a vehicle; it’s about gaining access to a lifestyle. After-sale services play a crucial role in enhancing your overall ownership experience.

Campervan After-Sale Services and Assistance: Here’s why they matter:

Maintenance and Repairs: Campervans require regular maintenance and occasional repairs like any vehicle. As a result, our after-sale services ensure that you have access to skilled technicians who can address any issues promptly. As well as keeping your campervan in [...]

Discover the Magic of Christmas with Your Own Campervan Adventure

LeisureDrive Campervan Sales near me this 2024
LeisureDrive Campervan Sales
'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread the holiday cheer than with the gift of freedom and adventure?
Winter Campervan Conversions

Winter camping can be an exhilarating experience but ensuring that your campervan is well-prepared for the colder months is crucial. Known for their commitment to high-quality, Leisuredrive offers a range of campervans that are comfortable but also well-equipped for winter adventures. In fact, our Winter Campervan Conversions will be able to completely

In this guide, we want to establish essential tips for winterising your campervan. Therefore, this highlights the features provided by Leisuredrive’s Winter Campervans for Sale.


Choose Cold-Weather Campervan Models:

Leisuredrive Campervan Conversions offers a selection of models specifically designed for cold weather. These models come equipped with advanced insulation, thermal windows, and other features that provide optimal comfort during winter journeys.

Protecting your campervan’s engine and plumbing systems from freezing is paramount. Leisuredrive Campervan Conversions suggests using antifreeze in the radiator and ensuring all fluids are suitable for winter temperatures. This preventative measure helps avoid damage caused by freezing and ensures your [...]

DVLA and Rules of Owning a Campervan Compliant with V5 document

DVLA Rules of Owning a Campervan and valid documents: Owning a campervan is more than just a vehicle purchase; it’s a gateway to a world of adventure, freedom, and the camper van lifestyle. The allure of van life, the thrill of travelling in a campervan, and the joys of customisation and conversion make campervans popular for those seeking to explore the open road in style. However, with the excitement of campervan ownership come responsibilities, including compliance with DVLA regulations and the V5 document. This blog delves into the essential aspects of campervan ownership and how they relate to DVLA rules, ensuring that your motorhome ownership experience is enjoyable and legal. 

Understanding the V5 Document

 The V5 document, also known as the Vehicle Registration Certificate or logbook, is a crucial piece of paperwork for campervan owners. It contains essential information about your vehicle, including its make, model, registration number, and owner. However, what’s most relevant for campervan [...]

Long Term Care of Your Hi-Top or Elevating Roof

One of the most valuable features of a campervan is its roof, especially when it comes to hi-top or elevating roofs. These campervan roofs provide additional headroom and sleeping space, making your camping adventures more comfortable and enjoyable. However, like any other part, your campervan roof requires regular care and maintenance to ensure longevity and trouble-free operation. This blog will look at Campervan Roof Care and explore some essential long-term care tips to keep your hi-top or elevating roof in excellent condition.

How to look after your Campervan Roof by regular cleaning and inspection

Regular cleaning prevents dirt, grime, and debris from accumulating on your campervan roof. Use a mild detergent or specialised campervan roof cleaner and a soft brush to clean the roof surface. Rinse thoroughly and let it dry completely before closing or retracting the roof. Therefore, this will prevent any moisture from getting trapped and causing potential damage.

While cleaning, take the [...]

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