Campervans for sale anywhere in the UK

Now and then the time comes when you feel like treating yourself. Whether you have experience in shopping for a camper van and just want it to be a little easier this time around, or this is your first time looking for a campervans for sale, we’re here to take some of that pressure off your shoulders.

With an estimated 225,000 camper vans on British roads in 2018 and numbers still on the rise, it’s no wonder that the oversaturated market can be difficult to navigate. However, with a bit of knowledge to point you in the right direction, finding the right camper van for you can be made easy.

We know it can be daunting when your options are endless. Established in 1969, here at leisure drive, we have extensive knowledge to help you break down the directions you could go in with your purchase, subsequently giving you the clarity, you need to make an informed decision.

Considerations to make when you look for a campervan for sale in the UK

When making such a large purchase, it’s helpful to know exactly what you want. But if you’re unsure, having a rough idea of what you want to get out of your camper can be a good start.

It’s worth thinking about what you will use your camper van for. Whether it will be used for an annual holiday, regular trips, or maybe you want to leave your conventional home behind and take up residency in your new camper van.

Another factor you should consider is who is planning on using it. Maybe you’re planning to go on solo adventures and can opt for a smaller camper van that’s been selected purely for yourself to enjoy. Or maybe you’re planning to start making memories with the whole family and need as much space as possible and to ensure your camper van has something for everyone. Features you may desire in your camper could include:

  • Fridge
  • Stove
  •  Table
  •  Curtains
  •  Lighting
  • Water storage
  • Bike rack
Campervans for sale
  • Roof racks
  • Sound system
  • Extra seating
  • Air conditioning
  • Solar panels
  • Dual battery
  • Bench space

Taking age into consideration when looking at camper vans for sale

Even though older camper vans may still be perfectly functional, especially if they’re produced by certain manufacturers, the age of your prospective van is something that you should consider carefully.

The newer the van, the better the technology features that are included with your van will be. However, newer vans are usually more expensive to buy. With all, there are still numerous advantages to buying an older van that’s in good condition. Firstly, it is more likely to be cost you much less than if you were to buy new. Secondly, many people believe that older vans have more ‘character’.

 On the other hand, older vans may also be a little less reliable and don’t look as pristine as their newer counterparts due to wear and tear. Another factor to consider when taking into consideration the age of a van is insurance.

Like it is with most things, the older the model the higher the insurance can be. So regardless of if you get an old van dirt cheap, you may end up paying the price when it comes to your insurance payments.

Different types of campervans on the market

Whether it’s a Volkswagen camper van for sale that’s caught your eye or conversion camper vans for sale that’s perked your interest. The different types of vans on the market are endless. When searching for the perfect camper van for sale in the UK, it’s important you do a bit of research into the different aspects of the market.

Volkswagen camper vans

In 1947, VW started its 74 year-long journey into the creation of camper vans. Having built more than 13 million examples, Volkswagen has been notable for their camper vans for decades and has become a popular choice due to their quality, reliability, and the space that can be offered by a VW van.

The brand itself also has a big influence upon those looking to make a purchase in the camper van market. Being such an established company means that many looking to make a purchase are more than happy to trust that VW will be the right option for them.

Due to their consistent popularity and with the help of their excellent brand recognition, a VW camper van is much more likely to retain its value in comparison with other brands and can also prove to be a great investment if you ever wish to part with it.

Conversion campervans for sale

Whether it’s due to money or you simply want something a bit more unique and perfectly suited to you, camper van conversions are extremely popular and can be very cost-effective for you. Available in a multitude of interior and upholstery finishes to suit your budget, you can make this home away from home perfect for you.

You may already have a van that is perfect for conversion, which will save you a pretty penny, or you may need to search for one that is suitable for your new project. Regardless, the finished result will allow you to have a camper van that has everything you need due to having your own input involved in the design and conversion process!

New or second hand campervans for sale

Regardless of what you’re looking for, whether it’s a new or second hand campervan for sale that has caught your eye, it’s important you do your research and put your trust in a seasoned professional who knows all about the product you’re looking to invest in.

When looking for a camper van for sale in the UK, you will be faced with endless brands such as Renault, Ford, and of course the famous Volkswagen. However, it’s crucial you put a bit of pre-thought into what you want to get out of your camper van before you even begin your purchasing journey.

Sometimes it’s worth simply having a conversation with someone who understands the market and can help you find the camper that is perfect for you. Here at leisure drive, we are more than happy to aid you in any way possible to make the decision that little bit easier for you.

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