Campervan Owners Manual

Campervan Owners Manual

Explore our comprehensive Campervan Owners Manual at Leisuredrive Campervans. Unlock essential tips, maintenance guides, and expert insights to enhance your campervan experience. Ensure your journey is smooth and worry-free with our detailed owner’s manual. Discover the ultimate guide to enjoying the freedom of the road with Leisuredrive Campervans.

Leisuredrive Club Benefits for Your Campervan

When you own a Leisuredrive, you’re automatically part of our exclusive Leisuredrive Club – a community of passionate campervan enthusiasts. Even after your guarantee expires, we’re committed to maintaining your campervan’s well-being. By scheduling an annual habitation service, you ensure a complimentary check-over service, a part of our dedication to your satisfaction.

During this check-over, we identify any repairs or replacements needed, and you will be carried out with our prior authorisation.  While this offer excludes manufacturers’ appliances, replacements come at trade prices.

The added perk? Your Leisuredrive with a full service history gains value for potential part exchange, and you enjoy preferential rates on your next Leisuredrive. Consider these habitation checks as an investment that could practically cost you nothing.

Conditions: This offer applies for six years from the completion date for new builds. All work offers are at Leisuredrive’s discretion, not applicable to hire vehicles or conversion abuse, and valid for builds starting January 2019. Your certificate of build number serves as your club membership, always quote as reference.

Tips for Safe Campervan Use


  1. Gas Safety

Never use gas appliances to heat the interior, as it produces carbon monoxide. Ensure proper ventilation when cooking with gas, using open windows or doors.

  1. Off-Season Preparations

Drain the water system, charge the auxiliary battery, and keep essential systems running. Schedule habitation services outside of March for cost savings and pre-season demand.

  1. The Campervan Code

Follow on-site guidelines for responsible camping, cleanliness, waste disposal, and noise. Adhere to road rules, pull over for traffic if necessary, and comply with the Motor Caravanners’ Code.

  1. Preparing for the Road

Check for secure storage of loose items and closed lockers before loading. Carefully load and unload roof racks, avoiding excess weight and ensuring even distribution.

  1. On the Road Handling

Engage the clutch smoothly and change gears carefully to avoid wear and tear. Be cautious during motorway driving, especially in high winds or near high-sided vehicles.

  1. Changing a Wheel

Apply the handbrake before changing a wheel. Follow proper procedures for removing and replacing a wheel to ensure safety.

  1. General Driving Tips

Use mirrors for safe overtaking and allow extra space when passing high-sided vehicles. Observe the recommended maximum loading for your campervan.

Note: Always prioritise safety, refer to your vehicle handbook, and follow manufacturer specifications for replacements. Secure heavy items before travelling, turn off gas appliances (except those designed for motion), and consult the base vehicle handbook for relevant road guidelines.

Winter TLC for Your Camper: A Message from Leisuredrive

At Leisuredrive, we cherish our customers and strive to care for your campervan year-round. However, the high demand in March makes it challenging to accommodate everyone before their first seasonal trip. To ensure your camper is ready for adventure, consider waking it up early from its winter hibernation. Beat the rush and let us pamper your camper for a seamless and enjoyable start to the new season!

Exclusive Loyalty Discount for Your Second Conversion at Leisuredrive

If you’re opting for a second conversion, share your previous certificate number with us, and enjoy an instant loyalty discount. This voucher is not only applicable to low-season offers but also guarantees significant extra savings during our low season times. Keep an eye out for these special deals in our brochure. Please note, Leisuredrive reserves the right to cancel or decline this offer at any time. Enhance your campervan experience with loyalty perks!

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We love people coming to our showrooms and looking at new campervan conversions. That’s why we offer our clients a free overnight stay. Basically, if you live more than 100 miles away? It’s not a problem, we will credit you the cost of your night stay in a hotel when you make a purchase from us.

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