Holiday Options post COVID 19 pandemic lockdown

Travel Safely with the ability to choose a quiet locations

 Holiday Options post COVID 19 pandemic lockdownWithout doubt, and rightly so, the world of travel and leisure has currently ground to a halt due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Holiday options across all tourist channels have been cancelled due to worldwide lockdowns, with stay home, stay safe being the message to all of us.

No doubt when restrictions are lifted and the UK starts to slowly return to a new normal, views on holidays, particularly from a destination and safety aspect, will be upmost in people’s minds.


2020 holiday options


It is anticipated that certainly over the coming months more and more people will choose to holiday in the UK, foregoing trips abroad by staying closer to home and exploring all the UK has to offer, whilst still being able to adhere to what may be a slightly lesser version of social distancing.

Leisure Drive converts and sells camper vans across the UK and we are currently seeing an upturn in inquiries for both new and pre-used campervans, with more and more people seeing their own camper van as the safest way to holiday when restrictions are lifted.

What are the holiday options post-COVID 19 pandemic lockdown

The current pandemic has brought the benefits of owning a camper van to the forefront of customer’s minds, now more than ever these are of the utmost importance. We have listed below just a few of the key benefits a Leisure Drive Camper Van can bring to ensure holidaymakers stay as safe as possible.

  • Travel – Airports, train and coach stations are all busy places with their own challenges on social distancing. None of these apply to a camper van you can simply load up with supplies and head of to the destination of your choice.
  • Hygiene – Camper van owners are not reliant on outside sources to ensure their holiday environment is clean and hygienic, they know exactly when and how their accommodation has been cleaned and who has used it.
  • Peak holiday travel – A rush to the coast and popular destinations is anticipated when current legislation is relaxed. No doubt weekends will be busy in even the more offbeat destinations. A Leisure Drive Camper Van owner has the freedom to plan trips to suit the peaks and troughs of traffic and travel.
  • Social Distancing – Unheard of 2 months ago, but now at the forefront of people’s minds, a camper van gives owners the ultimate holiday option of ensuring they stay clear of highly populated destinations.
  • Facilities – Modern camper vans really are a home from home, with everything from showers, Toilet, Entertainment, catering, and the comfiest nights sleep available in a Leisure Drive Camper Van built to your personal specification.
  • Peace of mind – Owning your own camper van gives you the peace of mind of all the above, yet still the ability to enjoy a vacation in a destination of your choice at a time of your choosing.

All the above has always been why so many people choose to buy a LeisureDrive camper van, and in these testing times the benefits are even more important for existing and future owners. If you would like to know more about the benefits of a Leisure Drive Camper Van conversion or a preowned vehicle we are available via telephone on 01204 574478 or alternately email us at we will respond as quickly as possible.

Choose campervan holidays and travel safely in 2020 with the ability to choose your own location!

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We’ll also bring details of a selection of campervans we have for sale to suit your budget or we can also discuss having a campervan built to your spec from scratch.

Prefer to visit our showroom but live more than 100 miles away? Not a problem, we will credit you the cost of your night stay in a hotel when you make a purchase from us.

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