Buying a Campervan in UK – Some frequently asked questions!

Leisuredrive are always supplying customers with new campervans, up and down the UK.  More often than not we receive a question which we have had to answer before and some crop up with every purchase. So, if your thinking about Buying a Campervan in UK? We have put together this blog of frequently asked questions so our customers know exactly what they are getting into.

Whilst yes each campervan and buyer will be different and have unique specifications, we have condensed down the frequent questions. Not to mention our exceptional aftersales department who can continue to help you with your camper. In short, this page is a brief summary of many customers burning inquiries.

If there are any further inquiries or questions needing answering, just contact the Leisuredrive team. The two ways of doing so are either popping into our Bolton base or fill in the contact form. To tell us your enquiry and to allow us to get in touch, click here.

Is it worth Buying a Campervan in UK?

Every person will have a differing opinion on this; however, Leisuredrive can confidently say yes it is worth the investment. In fact, we would say that above any other vehicle a campervan holds its value best, both economically and personally.  This will certainly be the case with well-maintained campers and definitely if it has modifications.

The Freedom alone will give you priceless experiences, allowing you to venture up and down the country whenever you please. This could make for spontaneous weekend trips, to make you feel like you are away from all the stress. So, this makes for a great way of exploring your home country and perhaps venture beyond that.

Another big positive this freedom brings is the opportunity to make new memories in new places. The choice will be all yours, no matter if it’s a camping site or a lovely view to fall asleep to. Additionally, this will be all the much more fun with a bigger family.

Is Buying a Campervan in UK really worth it in the long term?

The idea might cross your mind that there may be limited option in the UK for places to travel. But with campervans it is certainly much more about experience than places visited. With campervans becoming more popular you may just find yourself immersed into the nearby campervan community.

Campervans are so easy to handle and control nowadays, this can also be your everyday vehicle. Just because it is optimised for long travel doesn’t mean it isn’t reliable for your weekly shop. This is much more common than you would expect, especially for bigger families.

Even if you feel like you aren’t getting as much as you would like out of your camper, you can rent it out. The two main platforms to safely do this are Camptoo and Quirky Campers to earn your money back a different way. However, Leisuredrive hold no responsibility for any experiences on these platforms.

Can I drive a campervan with a normal Licence?

When it comes to driving campervans, it is a lot more blurred of a line than you would expect. The UK’s Standard Driver’s License will allow you to drive a vehicle which weighs up to 3,500 kg.

Most streamlined campervan designs are less than 3,500kg maximum authorised mass. However, if you need to accommodate more people than your vehicle may go over the limit. In this case the process of buying your campervan will be longer.

So, to drive a bigger campervan you will need to get a C1 driver’s license. If you passed your test before 1997 then you can automatically apply for a C1 license. On the other hand, anyone born after 1997 will have to undergo a theory and practical test.

What other basics do I need to consider? 

When it comes to Campervans it isn’t normal or worth it to work your sleep around the vehicle, especially on long breaks. Before buying you should have a good idea about how exactly you intend on sleeping. This may be fold-away, transverse, or bunk beds, but the last thing you want is to be sleeping on the floor.

In similar vein, for the amount of time you will be sleeping it is absolutely vital to feel entirely comfortable. This applies to everything from leg room to storage; otherwise it ruins the novelty of owning a campervan. In short, convenience has to be achieved as every owner should be investing in their ideal camping experience.

Buyers need to have just as much faith in the seller as they have in their new vehicle. Always make sure you fully inspect the vehicle for damage first, as a seller will certainly look to avoid flaws. One of the most common issues is customers investing in a stolen vehicle, so always ask for necessary documentation.

What’s the difference between a campervan and a motorhome?

Most commonly, campervans and motorhomes are often misidentified or grouped as the same vehicle. A Campervan are much more condensed and provide a self-contained living space with little separation. On the other hand, a Motorhome is often built on a bus or truck with more living facilities.

Campervans are popular due to their affordability and how streamlined they are both internally and externally. These vehicles are smaller, so are easier to control and will be easier to use. Despite the less space, these kinds of vehicles only need to have simple facilities; however, you will be able to replace them.

Campervans are also notorious for their much better handling on the road, especially in busy areas. This will be important in everyday life but especially in different settings, from countryside to beaches. Even with the very basics, such as parking, which can be a problem in any estate. 

Are there toilets in campervans?

Every modern Campervan will have a toilet system along with your standard bathroom equipment. However, if your campervan does not then most campsites will have public toilets anyway. In addition to, the option of installing a new integrated toilet system always there.

Other standard bathroom facilities include sinks, showers and bedroom storage of course. Ultimately, the amount of each facility and area will be entirely on you especially if you are looking to work on it.

SO is it worth Buying a Campervan in UK?

Overall, if you are looking to broaden your horizons by exploring everything the UK has to offer it is certainly worth buying a campervan. Whilst, yes it may be costly in the short term, it will give you unparalleled freedom and excitement. Price should never be a worry as there is certainly a camper for each budget!

So shop with Leisuredrive, the best place on the UK market for affordable and desirable campervans. Above all, we can provide exactly what you need in terms of additions, inclusions, furniture and much more. In short, there will be a campervan perfect for you and we hope we have answered these important questions for you.

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