Company Profile introduction leisuredrive was created in 1969 by Derek Andrews after his father asked him to convert an old ambulance to a “mobile home” for him. you can read more about this in “the history of leisuredrive”. OUR eddict our edict is happy people make happy workers and we do our best to ensure this. all our people are skilled in the field of building our campers to perfection and deserve the best we can provide in salary and bonus for a job well done, and so creating top class campervans – the best in britain. our customer feedback mirrors this. they also say our after sales service is the best, second to none. staffing there are over 30 personnel at leisuredrive, many long term, including – Derek Andrews, founder and co chairman – 50 years service Jennifer Seddon, m.d – 25 years Paul Hewitt, general manager – 42 years Roy Broadbent – 23 years Barry Roberts – 42 years Andy Cousins – 30 years Steve Latchford – 40 years ...and many other staff having 10 years plus service. Derek, Jenny and Paul are all avid campervanners and each have their own Leisuredrive V/W and thus the motto is “built on practicality”, we use them, enjoy them, test them long term and improve our Leisuredrive production with constant improvements and new ideas. awards Leisurdrive have won the prestigious title of motorcaravan of the year twice, first in 1995 with the Vivante – a brand new concept then – with 2 single bedsand the then new thetford built in cassette toilet, and again in 2010, with the ever popular Crusader. production at present we produce 200 + super campervans per year – exclusively volkswagen, a mixture of brand new and new build on second hand base v/w vans. premises the bolton factory showsite stretches to over 20,000 square feet with usually at least 20 ready to go Volkswagen campervans on display. It also encompasses a comfortable sales suite. departments almost everything is made “in house”, our own fibreglass roofs, our own cabinets and upholstery, thus ensuring total quality control throughout the whole manufacturing process. listed below are the departments within leisuredrive:- Vehicle prep | Furniture fitting | Fibreglass department | Cabinet shop | Service/aftersales Upholstery | Valet/finish | Sales/admin they all work together in close unison to ensure everything flows smoothly, to a superbly crafted campervan. quality control is at every stage up to final pdi and finishing for sale or collection by the customer. campervan build specification Leisuredrive have all the required certification including, gas safety 240v & 12v electricity, our membership of status, looks after advice etc. on all seat belts/mounting points and structual seat mounting points. The national caravan council is the recognised body and kingpin of the british caravan industry. It sets out the most important and stringent rules for safety and usability of all campervans, motorhomes, caravans and associated products manufactured in great britaikn today. Leisuredrive are ncc members (no. ld-0274-13-c-mh) and to any company aspiring to be amongst the best. membership and approval of the ncc is the single most important factor which sets you “amongst the best & above the rest” and most importantly Leisuredrive are insurance recognised all Leisuredrive products are trademark registered.
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